Facebook Conversions API Support

Track offline conversions, in-store purchases, and server-side events with Facebook Conversions API. Improve campaign optimisation and measurement with accurate, future-proof tracking.

Facebook Marketing Partners

We were one of the first 10 official Facebook Marketing Consultants in the world. We’re also among a very small number of Facebook Conversions API specialist agencies globally, which means we’ve been accredited for competency configuring and troubleshooting Marketing API integrations.

Server-side tracking

Get visibility into your customer’s full journey. Eliminate data loss due to ad blockers and JavaScript or cookie restrictions. Control what data you share and when you share it

Accurate performance measurement

Prepare for the future of cookie-less browsing by migrating Facebook Pixel-based measurement to conversions API (CAPI).

CAPI enables server-side tracking and offers greater control over the data you share. Improve accuracy of events sent for measurement and optimisation when used along with the pixel.

Future-proof tracking and increase data reliability with Conversions API:
  • Offline conversions
  • Pixel-free tracking
  • CRM lead tracking
  • In-store conversion
  • Server-side events

Need technical assistance with the Marketing API?

We thoroughly enjoyed working with AccuraCast. Not only did they do what they said they would, but their constant availability made them a reliable choice whom we could trust with our Facebook campaigns. Their attention to detail and creative mind set when developing strategies enabled us to achieve lower CPA's and increased conversions.

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