Automate & Optimise with Facebook Marketing API

Take your Instagram & Facebook advertising campaigns to the next level with automated campaign management, dynamic creative, data-based audiences, and real-time optimisation.

Facebook Business Partners

We are Facebook Business Partners, experienced at creating advanced advertising solutions using the Marketing API. We’re widely recognised for competency devising creative technical solutions with API integrations.

Meta Advertising API Specialist
Meta Mobile Ad Technical Specialist

Rules, Scripts, Automation

Automate complex Facebook ad functions real-time with rules built on data. Seamlessly integrate external data and creative with your ad campaigns. 

Automate performance

Seamlessly integrate your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns with external data sources, automate complex processes based on data, and optimise performance real time.

Whether you’re trying to leverage machine learning and AI to segment audiences and deliver hyper-personalised ads, or build a chatbot that’s equipped to convert more ad clicks to leads, with the Marketing API we can transform your campaigns far beyond the possibilities offered by manual ads management.

Amplify ad campaign performance with Marketing API:
  • Automate campaign functions
  • Build complex ad management rules
  • Optimise in real time
  • Leverage dynamic creative
  • Create audience segments with external data
  • Enhance and automate reporting
  • Integrate campaigns with CRM, BI, and other systems

Need technical assistance with the Marketing API?

We were given the opportunity to work with AccuraCast through the Facebook Partners scheme, they have been really helpful, responsive and a delight to work with. Thank you!

Katie Bessant - Fielding Financial

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