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Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Marketing

Reach billions of consumers and business professionals by advertising your brand, products, services, events or apps on the Meta network, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Meta Business Partners

We’re one of the most technically experienced and knowledgeable Meta Business Partners in the world. We’re experts at maximising Instagram, Facebook, Messenger & WhatsApp advertising performance, through Pixel, Discovery Commerce, Catalogues and beyond.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Identify the right strategy to get more leads and sales. Results-driven ad campaigns place your brand in the news feed, on the Messenger app, and even in Instagram Stories.

Engaging content for Facebook & Instagram

Reach a wider audience through Facebook pages for your business, and grow communities of highly engaged fans. We help brands acquire more followers, and engage more meaningfully with their followers.

Technical performance marketing

Create a catalogue of products, flights, properties, or destinations you promote, and advertise with dynamic ads, collections, and Instagram / Facebook Shops.

Measure the true business value of your ad campaigns. Prepare for changes to cookie-based tracking with Conversions API setup services, and automate campaign management and creative optimisation with our Marketing API solutions.

Facebook marketing campaigns can be optimised for a number of objectives, including:
  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Reach
  • Video views
  • Messages
  • Store traffic

We thoroughly enjoyed working with AccuraCast. Not only did they do what they said they would, but their constant availability made them a reliable choice whom we could trust with our Facebook campaigns. Their attention to detail and creative mind set when developing strategies enabled us to achieve lower CPA's and increased conversions.

Nimesh Shah - Feel Good Contacts

Our Clients

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Why we’re the right Facebook & Instagram advertising agency for your brand

Grow brand awareness and engagement with accurate targeting and outstanding creative. Call on our additional social media support and training services whenever you need them.


We keep ahead of trends and are renowned for coming up with new ideas that help you reach millions of people on Facebook and Instagram.


We deliver measurable results and impressive return on investment. Our capabilities are supplemented by cutting edge AI and machine-learning tools.


We understand how Facebook and Instagram work, how both networks have changed, and how customer interactions on these sites continues to evolve.


We’ve been involved in Facebook and Instagram advertising since the early days of both networks, and know what works and what doesn’t.