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Instagram Beats Facebook on Brand Posts

According to new research by L2, Instagram has overtaken Facebook in terms of brand posts, as companies continue to find Instagram to be a better medium to reach their desired audience organically. So, if you’re mainly using Facebook to engage with your target audience, maybe it’s time to consider adding Instagram to your Social Media strategy as well. Read more →

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Google Working With Apple To Fix Mobile Ad Tracking

Google AdWords has been constantly redeveloped and has seen remarkable growth during recent years, attracting millions of advertisers worldwide. What many advertisers may not know, however, is that mobile ad conversion tracking is broken when it comes to app downloads. Read more →

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Facebook Launches Ad Manager App

After hitting a recent milestone of 2 million advertisers – adding more than 500,000 since last July – Facebook has announced the launch of a new mobile app which will enable advertisers to manage their ad campaigns on the go. Read more →

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Marxism & Socialism Seeing a Resurgence in UK?

Hot on the heels of news that the far Left won the election in Greece, on the back of an anti-austerity platform, BBC Newsnight ran a report that explored a supposed growth of interest in Marxism in the United Kingdom. However, our own research indicates that a surge in Marxist theory and socialism isn’t really happening. Read more →

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Mobile Clicks Surpass Desktop in UK

New research shows us just how popular browsing on phones and other devices has become. Consumers are clicking much more on mobile devices as opposed to desktops and laptops. Impressions, spend and conversions have also risen significantly, however not all metrics are quite on par with desktop just yet. Read more →

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Human Interface Technology Market to Reach $1.2 bn

A recent report by Juniper Research predicts that the market for human interface technology will reach $1.2 billion by 2019. Currently Western Europe and North America receive the most revenue from mobile consumer services that use human interface technologies due to the prevalence of smartphones. Read more →

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Bing To Stop Ads With Numbers

Bing has announced a change in editorial policies that will mean advertisers can no longer include phone numbers in their ad copy. Back in February 2013, Google made the decision to stop advertisers including phone numbers in AdWords ad copy. Today, Bing has once again followed Google’s lead. Read more →

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Digital Ad Impressions Not Reliable

A recent paper released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that it is still not possible to ensure that every impression in a digital ad campaign will adhere to the industry viewability standard. Read more →

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Google Tax Questioned

3032791450_727f86d6d7_zAccording to a recent report the total amount of money lost due to tax evasion in the UK currently stands at around £122 billion per year.  While the government claim they are doing all they can to combat tax evasion, it simply isn’t enough. Read more →

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50% of Online Transactions on Mobile by 2020

A recent report from Juniper Research has found that money transactions made by smartphone and tablet users will rise significantly within the next five years. They predict 195 billion mobile commerce transactions will be made by 2019, up from 72 billion already made in this year alone. Read more →

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Facebook Set to Launch New Enterprise Collaboration

A recent report from the Financial Times says Facebook are set to launch a new enterprise collaboration called ‘Facebook at Work’. This is the first concerted effort Facebook has made to compete with business networking sites like LinkedIn, Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer.   Read more →

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The Future is Not Bright for Smart Glasses

Questions are already being asked about the future of smart glasses. A new report from Juniper Research predicts that shipments are “unlikely to exceed” 10 million units per annum between 2014 and 2017, compared to previous prediction of $53bn by 2019. Read more →

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Hit by Penguin 3.0? How to Check if Your Website’s Been Affected by Google’s New Algorithm Update

PenguinGoogle’s latest algorithm update, Penguin 3.0, hit last Friday and has sparked some confusion among webmasters as to whether or not their website has been hit. The recent update marks the third algorithm Google has released under the Penguin name and is designed to reduce a website’s visibility in search results if it is guilty of using various link spam tactics that Google don’t approve of. Read more →

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Smartwatch Sales Rise to 100 Million Units by 2019

Samsung WatchJuniper Research recently conducted a study in relation to the use of smartwatches. They’ve stated that by 2019, 100 million smartwatches will be in use worldwide. With the first few major players already producing and shipping the watches, Juniper predict a significant amount of opportunities to be created as a result of this new market. Read more →

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Consumers Losing Money Shopping via Google

When shopping for your favourite products using Google, do you the take time to search further than the first page of results? Would you be less tempted to click on sponsored links rather than organic results? If you answered no to either of these questions, then you could be losing money. Read more →

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Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ Button – Great Start, Needs Improvement

Twitter have officially begun testing their ‘buy now’ button this week, which will allow users to buy items directly from a tweet with just the click of a button. The new feature will be tested through an interesting mix of official test partners, ranging from the luxury British fashion brand Burberry, to the world-famous pop star Rihanna. Read more →

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The ISIS Social Media Strategy

Conflicts across the world right now are more serious than they have been in the last few decades – or are they?

At a barbeque in New York for Democratic donors, Obama spoke about the dangers of social media bringing the effects of war and terrorism closer to home Read more →

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Penguin 3.0 – How Can You Avoid Its Wrath?

With a new Penguin update from Google on its way, should webmasters be preparing for even more website destruction, or a relief from the hammering effects of previous Penguins? Read more →

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Could Mobile Location Based Services Be The Future Of Selling?

Mobile location based services (MLBS) are growing and emerging into the ultimate selling tool. Due to the combination of rapidly growing 4G markets and the multitude of data being produced by mobile devices, companies are finding it easier to target and engage with their consumers. Read more →

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Google’s Project Zero Set To Defend Search Privacy

Google has gathered the most experienced hackers together in order to create the newest online privacy dream team – Project Zero – set out to defend internet users’ search privacy, prevent the most advanced cyber-attacks, and eliminate serious weaknesses in internet security. Read more →

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