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Now that Summer is out of the way, the Autumn and Winter period and all the events that are a part of it are set to begin. But this begs the question of how soon is too soon when it comes to planning your PPC campaigns to ensure that they are primed for Halloween, Christmas, New Year and any other events in between.

Average monthly searches for Halloween, and also for related terms, are already quite high, yet search volumes will begin to rise steadily from now on and peak in the weeks prior to the event itself. By planning your key messages, creating your ads and even rolling some out now, you can ensure that you are in the prime position to beat your competitors.

Planning for Christmas should have already begun and you should have a strategy in place, adapting your message as the day approaches. There are certain dates in the run up to Christmas that see peak numbers of purchases and more presents are likely to be bought around the final paydays before Christmas Day. Below are a few tips for planning your Christmas PPC:

  • Sundays typically see consumers researching products online that they have seen on the high street on Saturday
  • Mega Mondays (as Google calls them, see our article for more info) take place throughout December where a greater number of conversions occur. Be sure to devote a greater proportion of your budget to driving conversions on these days.
  • Be prepared with your strategy and message for Boxing Day in advance and perhaps even roll this out late on Christmas Day.

If you haven’t started your festive planning, then it is probably worth setting aside some time in the next couple of weeks to do so.