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Plan your social media activity for sure-fire trends

Get a step ahead by planning your social media content to piggy-back on topics that are guaranteed to trend on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok this year.

Events like Valentine’s Day, Pride month, and Halloween are obvious social trendsetters. Others like the PGA Championship, Gamescom, Paris Fashion Week, or Día del Taco might not be on your radar unless you’re in the industry, but with a bit of forward planning, your brand could jump on trending hashtags for these occasions and earn brand exposure, new fans, and traffic to your site.

Twitter has put together a digital 2022 marketing calendar, which can be filtered by region and vertical. Ensure that your brand remains connected with this year’s key moments by exploring the calendar and devising a social media strategy that’s likely to engage your target audience (not just on Twitter).

Twitter’s 2022 Marketing Calendar