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Global digital advertising spend will increase 85% from $407 billion in 2022 to $753 billion in 2026

The global ad market is dominated by digital advertising, which is expected to account for 60% of all ad spend this year. According to research from Juniper, future growth is expected to be driven by in-app advertising. This means marketeers will need to adapt to keep up and learn how to be seen in such a competitive industry.

  • Mobile in-app revenue will account for 56% of global spend by 2026
  • Desktop advertising will increase to £142 billion in 2026, but this represents a slowdown in growth
  • Travel ads are predicted to grow 36% in 2022
  • Video ads are predicted an increase of £22 billion in 2024
  • Retailer media is expected to increase 27% by 2024

Brands are fuelled by the need to lift their media presence and keep up with current trends. Their customer use online video, social media, and e-commerce channels more than ever before, so the brands need to reach them where they’re consuming content directly.

The growing opportunity also presents some concerns regarding Apple and Google’s privacy changes on iOS and Android.

As the ad market achieves its highest spend turnover, marketeers will need to advertise more creatively, effectively and impactfully.

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