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The reality for most European businesses today is the next million in revenue, fans, or customers is more likely to come from outside their home country. Scale-ups need to be equipped for international growth to drive their profit and stay on top of new markets.

By expanding across borders, you have more opportunities to outdo the competition, reach new customers, and drive more profit. It’s also important to build a reputation that has a wide reach to sustain the longevity of your business.

However, expansion is a big task and needs to be approached with care and caution. Ensure you’re starting right, and know what to expect, by checking out our 40-point checklist.

We’ll take you through the following topics to ensure that you’re fully prepared for international expansion:

  • Building your business on strong foundations
  • Working out the logistics
  • Growing you reputation and localising communications
  • Scaling rapidly through advertising and creative campaigns

Download the Market Entry Guide