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AccuraCast & Facebook invite you to an exclusive event on 30th Jan at 9:30 am in Facebook’s London office: Using AI to Enhance Facebook Marketing.

From search and display, to social and re-marketing, Artificial Intelligence can qualify visitors in real-time. It empowers you to give prospective buyers full focus, to convert them into paying customers. Learn how we can employ AI in your global marketing campaigns to target audiences that convert. 

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This event is geared towards senior marketing professionals, looking to ensure the success and growth of Facebook campaigns they oversee.

We will explore how AI can make campaigns more efficient and lucrative, and how you can apply it to your marketing efforts. 

Topics of discussion

  • How Facebook currently uses machine learning.
  • The case for AI – making AI work in real business situations.
  • Scaling globally with Artificial Intelligence and a data-led approach to growth.
  • Breakout session: How we can apply AI to your global marketing campaigns. 

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