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Everyone knows that attracting high quality links from relevant and authoritative sites is backbone of a successful SEO campaign, but making this backbone as strong as possible requires imagination, expertise and a strong sense of what search engines are looking for when they analyse a sites link profile.

It is for this reason that choosing the right SEO provider is so important. Make a decision to favour cost over quality and you could end up:

  • Getting stuck in SEO limbo
    Paying for SEO / link building but seeing no results
  • Missing out on potential revenue 
    As your competitors continue to outrank you and win your clients.
  • Incurring a Google penalty
    Bad quality links could land you in a lot of trouble with Google.

To help you avoid the shadier elements of the SEO industry, we have put together a whitepaper detailing 10 of the most important things to consider before starting a link building campaign. Click the link below to visit the download page, and be sure to let us know what you think once you have given it a look.

Download the whitepaper now »