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If you cast your mind back to October, when the days were a little brighter and the nights a little warmer, you might remember our newsletter’s headline article which revealed that bidding your Google search and display ads into position one might not be the best way to improve your click through rate. For those of you that missed it, check out the coverage on Search Engine Watch.

This month we are following up that research with another look at click through rates on Google’s various advertising networks, but this time in regards to ads on smartphones and tablets. Take a look at the research below.

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Farhad Divecha

Benchmarking Mobile Click Through Rates

Graph mobile search CTR per positionAre your efforts on Google AdWords getting you the results you expect? Check your mobile CTR against our benchmarks, which are based on the analysis of over 2 million clicks. It seems that sometimes the top spot isn’t always the best place to be to get the most clicks for your money from mobile devices.

Intense Emotion Creates Powerful Virality

Neil Hilborn - OCD videoWhen was the last time a YouTube video moved you to tears? This stunning example of emotionally driven virality from OCD sufferer Neil Hilborn (five million views and counting) teaches us a valuable lesson: ensuring your content strikes a tender nerve is a sure fire way of finding an audience.