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New creative, commerce & community solutions

At the first-ever TikTok World experience, the billion-user network unveiled exciting new solutions to help brands capture the untapped potential of TikTok to influence purchases and drive sales.

The most interesting of these is aimed at brands who want to give TikTok a try but aren’t confident about creating content that’s authentic and well-suited for the audience.

Creative Solutions

The TikTok Creator Marketplace enables brands to search for creators based on location, followers, and topics. Brands can also list Open Application Campaigns, which interested creators can apply to join.

TikTok creator marketplace

A self-serve portal called Creative Exchange and Spark Ads facilitate greater reach through content creators or the brands own organic content respectively.

Dynamic Scene, is a new tool for adapting existing content for TikTok. That, combined with TikTok Video Editor, Vimeo templates and a Canva library make it easier for brands to publish more content created specifically for the network.

Commerce Solutions

TikTok commerceNew solutions for e-commerce bring familiar Facebook features like shops, product canvases and dynamic ad formats to TikTok.

TikTok Shopping already integrates directly with catalogues from Shopify, Square, and PrestaShop, with Wix and OpenCart soon to come.

Product Links highlight items in a video, whereas Live Shopping allows brands to integrate products from their TikTok Shopping into a livestream.

Collection Ads, and Dynamic Showcase Ads nicely round up the e-commerce options available on the platform, bringing it up to speed with its biggest rivals.

A new Lead Generation solution also allows brands to capture more first-party data from users interested in their products or services.

Community Solutions

TikTok has introduced solutions to improve audience engagement with brands and tools to track business objectives. Customized Instant Pages provide fast-loading mobile landing pages. Gesture Ads & Super Like 2.0 enhance the user engagement experience.

Story Selection is an innovative new format that invites TikTokers to take part in how the story of an ad unfolds. This lets them shape and personalise the outcome of a brand’s video.

Last but not least, new Brand Safety and Brand Suitability tools give advertisers power to decide whom their brand is associated with and topics their brand should stay away from. These, accompanied with Reach & Frequency Buying and Brand Lift Studies deliver a more robust brand building toolset.

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