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Love it or hate it, the Western world celebrates Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. If you look past the cheesy lines and clichés, V-Day offers all types of businesses the opportunity for a little fun, and to show you care about your customers.

🏈 Over 60,000 searches for sports-related valentines ideas are carried out on average in the UK & USA in the first week of February, every year.

💍 Searches for wedding finance and engagement proposal finance peak during the last few weeks of January in UK & Europe every year.

🛫 More than 1.5 Million searches for travel specific to Valentine’s day were carried out by people in UK, USA, and Europe in Feb 2020.

💕 This January, worldwide searches for romantic getaways were at their third-highest peak in the last 5 years, in spite of Covid-19.

🎁 The number of people searching for Valentine’s Day gifts in 2021 has fallen to the lowest level since 2004

If your business doesn’t sell heart-shaped candy, romantic meals for two or diamond necklaces, do not despair. With a bit of creativity it is still possible to get in on the spending action:

  • Retarget your customers, subscribers and fans with a special message
  • Get creative with your social media posts. This applies to both B2B and B2C
  • If you’re planning any special promos, offer them to your loyal customers, and start communicating them now
  • Steer clear of ‘2 for 1’ promos – they tend to be perceived negatively. Money-back guarantees and free shipping offers – get an especially positive response from consumers
  • Make it personal, keep it mobile-first