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Google unveiled a new approach to measuring and delivering ads for Chrome users after it starts blocking third-party cookies. It’s called FloC. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Floc = Federated learning of cohorts
  • Cohorts = group of people with similar characteristics
  • Federated = set up as a single centralised unit
  • In simple terms, this is a way to anonymously group users by interests
  • Google claims the solution is almost as effective (95%) as cookies
  • FloC-based cohorts will be publicly available from March
  • Google Ads will allow FloC-based targeting in Q2 of 2021

While this may not result in any interest-based or in-market audience segments becoming unavailable, the audience size and quality may decline if you don’t act quickly to balance out these changes with improvements to your first-party data.

Read Google’s blog post about FloC