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Future-proof LinkedIn Ads performance measurement

Whether you’re marketing a hospitality brand to business travellers, or a professional services firm to C-level executives, if you advertise on LinkedIn, this will impact your campaigns.

The ability of LinkedIn to accurately measure and optimise campaigns for user interactions – such as conversion into a lead or purchase – could be significant reduced in the coming months as Google Chrome starts blocking third-party cookies in 2024.

Learn how you can prevent your marketing performance from declining by setting up the newly-released LinkedIn Conversions API.

Why should you care?

Just like Meta, Google and TikTok, LinkedIn relies on cookies to track user interactions on your site. In the absence of reliable tracking, your ad campaigns will only be optimised for clicks on the ad (not even landing page views).

Research has found that campaigns optimised for clicks, rather than conversions, see customer acquisition costs rise by as much as 50% over time. To keep LinkedIn CPLs or CPAs in check, you must invest in setting up the Conversions API.

How to set up LinkedIn Conversions API