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There are many rogue agencies out there. They want your money, but either won’t give you anything tangible or will simply spam by paying for links or building poor quality content. These spammers can end up hurting your site SEO efforts rather than helping them. In the worst case they can even lead to your website getting a manual penalty on Google – the equivalent of being exiled from organic search results.

Your site is being endangered by cowboy agencies

Today, if you choose the wrong provider, you could risk:

  • Paying for links, which can hurt your site
  • Getting stuck in the SERPs
  • Incurring a Google penalty

When building backlinks to your site, you need to consider a number of factors above and beyond price and empty promises. Download this whitepaper to find out the right way to build links and what you need to watch out for when engaging with a link building agency.

Download The Full White Paper:

The Great SEO Swindle: Link Building