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Quarterly Mobile Marketing Highlights
52 Searches on mobile
2.44 Average query length
3.8 Hours to conversion
24 Lower CPC v desktop
5 Average CTR
11 Years of mobile experience
5 Mobile specialists
8 Conversion rate

Over 50% of UK internet users go online via mobile phone data connections. These users access apps, music, pictures, games, information services, video and shopping sites while on the go. They look for local services, they browse the web, they research holidays, search for presents, and read about products and services.

For businesses, the big challenge is delivering mobile-friendly content, targeting users with location-specific information, and building & promoting applications that users will keep on their handsets for longer than two weeks. AccuraCast can help you ensure your content is adapted for use on mobile handsets, smartphones, and tablets, to achieve effective mobile search optimisation and ensure you serve mobile ads that target the right audiences for the right cost per click.

Range Of Mobile Services

Why we’re leaders in mobile Internet marketing

Experience – we know the mobile search market, understand the issues and have a proven track record in delivering results.

Expertise – we know how to create and optimise pages for mobile devices and create PPC mobile advertising campaigns that target the right audiences.

Pioneers – we were among the very first search agencies to specialise in mobile search SEO and PPC.

Innovative – we use the latest tools and thinking to ensure our clients achieve outstanding results.

Cost-control – we help you to target audience effectively and keep costs under control at all times.

Reach out to your customers

AccuraCast’s mobile search marketing services enable you to reach customers anywhere, on the go, via their mobile phones and handheld devices. Our mobile search engine marketing services place your business in front of customers, no matter where they are, when they are actively looking for relevant products and services.

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