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The Rise of XXX Mobile: Users of Adult Content to Increase

The total number of unique users of adult content on mobile and tablets is set to rise drastically over the next 4 years, reaching 250 million by 2017.  Read more →

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Mobile Money Transfers to be Driven by Emerging Markets

A report from Juniper Research has revealed that mobile money transfers will reach a total of 389 million users by 2018. The use of such services in Asian and African nations will drive this huge rise in usage, which initially sounds surprising until we dig deeper into the issue.  Read more →

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Google Testing Many Per Click Conversion Optimiser

The only problem is that Google has not informed advertisers that they may have been opted into this Beta test. The issue was discovered when attempting to make bulk edits to a campaign that had been opted in, as it was not possible to bulk edit the target CPA. Read more →

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Smart Watch Popularity to Soar in Next 5 Years

Following Samsung’s announcement that they will reveal their smart watch on September 4th, excitement has been growing for the coming generation of wearable smart devices. The Galaxy Gear will be unveiled at the IFA Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin next week and is expected to revolutionise the market, until Apple release their plans at least! Read more →

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Mobile Influence on the Health and Fitness Industries

Mobile health and mobile fitness (mhealth and mfitness) are both growing trends demonstrating the ever-growing influence of mobile devices in our everyday lives. Developments in the quality of mobile devices has seen them become integrated into both of these industries. Juniper Research has recently released a report on this, titled “Mobile Health and Fitness”. Read more →

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Changing Media Consumption May Alter Your Marketing Efforts

Although TV is still our most used type of media, the highest growth in media consumption has been registered for internet usage. Many still adopt a traditional approach in their media consumption, yet our experiences are now supplemented by additional devices/types of media and this has driven the number of cross channel media experiences that we see around us each day. In their recent report, titled “UK Time Spent with Media”, E-Marketer described digital media as having a “disruptive nature” in the traditional media universe and this is an accurate summary of the digital infiltration into TV, radio and print.  Read more →

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Research Shows that Social Media Drives Profitability

A recent study by the International Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK has highlighted the power of  social media in building brands and increasing ROI for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). The IAB’s Social Media Council collected more than 4,500 quantitative surveys, supplementing them with 800 research panel interviews. The key finding of this was that 90% of consumers would recommend a brand to a friend, after engaging with that brand via social media channels. Read more →

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Social Media Revenue Will Hit $30.1 Billion by 2017

As social media’s influence on our everyday life continues to grow, the total number of users will increase and subsequently the money spent on and revenue generated via these mediums will rise. Generator Research predict that the total number of users of social networks globally will reach 1.8 billion by the end of the year and that we will see an increase of 38% by 2017. This will see the total number of social media users hit 2.5 billion in 2017 . Read more →

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Mobile ticketing usage to rise rapidly in next 5 years

A recent study by Juniper Research reports that nearly 1 billion users worldwide will use m-tickets by 2018. The practicality and costs associated with this method of ticketing are key drivers of this, but the doors that it also opens to business are another reason that it will see rapid growth. Read more →

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Mobile Music Revenues to Hit $1.73 Billion in 2013

The staggering predicted revenue for this market equates to a 40% increase and reinforces the rapidly growing importance of smartphones to the music industry. Users are constantly connected to their phones and this can often make them a more favourable option than an mp3 player. Read more →

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Email Drives More Conversions Than Search and Social

For many of us it is difficult to believe the above statement considering the perception of email marketing and the copious amount of emails we ignore each day. But research has revealed that this digital dinosaur is actually more effective at driving conversions, which are certainly key to any eCommerce business. Read more →

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Google To Launch AdWords Keyword Planner

As they continue the ongoing effort to improve their offerings, Google have introduced the AdWords Keyword Planner that should make managing and refining campaigns a much easier process. The Keyword Planner, which launches today, offers a number of new features that will help advertisers shape their keyword lists. Read more →

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Mobile Video and TV Viewing to Rise Rapidly

The rising quality of video viewing on smartphones, the advent of tablet devices and the introduction of super fast mobile networks has meant that streaming TV and watching large video files is now a reality. Whereas previously it was just a dream, with early attempts leaving a lot to be desired.
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84% Smartphone Shoppers Use Mobile In Store

Google’s Shopper Marketing Council recently conducted extensive research into “how in-store shoppers are using their mobile devices”, in order to discover how mobile’s can be used to supplement the physical shopping experience. Read more →

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Facebook Limit Image Text in Promoted Posts

Some of Facebook’s rules are often perplexing and it is evident that they have never heard of the mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. But it is nice that you can rely on their consistency and they have once again introduced an odd and seemingly unnecessary rule, which means that promoted posts will be disapproved if the image contains too much text. When recently attempting to promote a post with an image on the AccuraCast Facebook page, we received the message below.

Facebook disapproved posts Read more →

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10 Expert Tips To Social Media Success

Social media experts - Jonha Revesencio, John Leo Weber, Carol Abedania, Julianne Coyne

Creating effective social media strategies is often a difficult task and there are many factors to be considered, including the identity of the brand, the preferences of the target audience and the idiosyncrasies of each social networking site. This is why we’ve compiled this list of 10 great tips for social media success, from experts who work with social campaigns day in day out. Read more →

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Google Making an Effort to Improve Communication

Google have recently added a new feature to their Drive product, in order to improve the level of communication available for users of this product. The ability to converse with others is certainly one of the key features that Drive has been lacking, so the introduction of Drive Chat is welcome news to those who collaborate on files. Drive Chat enables those using the same files and documents on drive to communicate with each other, in a format that is largely reminiscent of Facebook chat. Read more →

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Google Affiliate Network is Shutting Down

It has been announced that the Google Affiliate Network will cease operations in the coming months, with the search engine giant putting a stop to all publisher relationships with advertisers on the final day of July. The announcement made by J.J Hirschle, Head of the program, (which can be found here) appears to indicate that a lack of impact is the reason for this. Read more →

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Coachella To Be Streamed On YouTube Yet Again

It was recently announced that the Coachella music festival will be streamed live on YouTube, for the third consecutive year. The festival, that takes place in the Californian, desert began in 1999 and continued to grow for more than a …

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Tablet Sales Continue to Soar, but What Does This Mean for PPC?

The number of tablets sold each year has risen rapidly in recent years and a number of milestones have been met and broken, such as a record number of devices being activated on Christmas Day last year. In 2012 the total number of tablets sold rose by a staggering 78.4% and total sales are expected to reach 190 million units by the end of the year, so it’s safe to say that the popularity of tablets will continue to grow at breakneck speeds. Read more →

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