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Business Intelligence With Internet Marketing

By January 24, 2007May 29th, 2024No Comments

Internet user statistics from the World Wide Web can be combined with visitor traffic analysis from your own website to gain strategic business intelligence. This knowledge can be leveraged by companies to market their products and services more effectively, target customers more intelligently and gain significant advantages over the competition. Here are a few ideas on how you can use this data to your benefit:

Online Advertising Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions currently available have the ability to capture and provide information about the advertising activity in all major industries, channels, formats (including rich media), and platforms on the Web, in real time. The service has been created to give companies access to information on a range of data.

Advertising agencies, brand owners and even site publishers can use this research to understand the activities of the main players in their market. They can also find out which keyword searches trigger ads for their competitors. A further option provided by most competitive intelligence solutions gives subscribers the ability to receive updates on the latest advertising campaigns launched in their verticals.

Behavioural Analysis and Trends

A full-range view of activity on the Web can be found for almost any Industry, allowing businesses to evaluate the current market and to make informed strategic decisions, or identify and find an online target audience. Armed with this information, a company can identify the most popular online categories, and even devise marketing campaigns to increase loyalty.

With behavioural analysis, trending and detailed demographic studies, companies can evaluate the market and make strategic decisions, or identify their online target audience and target them specifically.

Improve Customer Experience and Conversions

With clearly defined objectives and marketing strategies in place, companies can use business intelligence to improve the overall effectiveness of their website by examining the site performance, usage trends, visitor loyalty, audience circulation, content and product placement, search engine performance and overall visitor behaviour. A company can therefore use these elements to understand how their site is used, maximize revenue from affiliates, and improve site design and layout.