5 Finance Lead Generation Tips for Better Quality Data

The world is gearing towards social media and sharing information; this includes the financial sector.  The digitization of the financial sector has diminished the influence of offline lead generation techniques. To generate and convert leads, financial service providers have to use digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a different marketplace. It has immense competition from local and international brands. This has created the need to come up with relevant marketing and lead generation techniques.

Generating leads is essential if you want to excel in the finance industry. Even though it is time consuming, the collected data helps in decision making. Let’s dive into lead generation tips you can use to get better quality data as a finance expert.

1. Personalisation

The main advantages of digital marketing are the abilities to track your marketing efforts and hypertarget potential customers. Reaching people with the right message at the right time greatly increases the chances to generating a new customer. Segment your customer profiles and decide on the content and messaging appropriate to each. Then use both first and third party data to target effectively. Even though these strategies are time-consuming, they are a more personal and convincing marketing tactic.

2. Offering Free Tools and Outreach

One-on-one outreach activities are valuable but might not be enough to build trust. Offering free online tools, consultation and resources to your potential customers can build your credibility and generate leads. Depending on the financial services you provide, you can create online tools like free videos, blog posts and guides. These resources will help the consumers understand their situation and how your services can improve their current situation. You can limit the free tools and resources on a first-come basis and for a given period. After the “free trial” period, your potential customers can start paying for your services. You can filter out unwanted clients by asking interested clients to opt-in or leave their contacts.

3. Using LinkedIn

Many businesses and organizations are using LinkedIn when looking for professional services. As a financial service provider, it is essential to have a professional profile that pitches your services. If your company has financial associates, encourage individual participation on the LinkedIn platform. Making accurate and valuable connections on LinkedIn not only boosts your profile but the profile of the company. LinkedIn is also an excellent place to identify potential leads. You can also target local leads and offer free tools and resources on the LinkedIn platform. You need to stay active on the platform and in relevant professional groups.

4. Tracking Your Data

All the above tips will provide you with plenty of data about your potential leads. So you will need to sort out the data and utilize the most valuable pieces of data. Digital marketing requires users and visitors to interact with your professional online platform. Use UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules) to track every activity of visitors on your website. The UTM parameters are added at the end of your website’s URL. You can use the UTM parameters in all digital platforms, which direct users to your official website. These parameters are instrumental in tracking marketing attribution and ROI and collecting the relevant data from site visitors.

5. Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

CRM tools help businesses maintain healthy and professional relationships with their existing and potential customers. These tools are used by marketing personnel to collect customer data, boost sales and manage customer relationships better. Lead generation involves identifying potential leads and converting them into loyal customers. With CRM tools, you can collect the data you need about potential leads and come up with a customized marketing strategy. 

Accurate data ensures the conversion process is streamlined. It is easy to have lead data that is misleading, for instance, when leads change their interest and preferences. It would be best if you had a dedicated internal lead database and a data cleansing protocol. The protocol will ensure a frequent data audit is done to ensure the internal lead database is updated and relevant. Regular changes in data can keep you updated on the industry’s trends and consumer preferences. 


It is crucial to adopt the best digital marketing techniques as a financial service provider. Digital marketing will help in developing your online presence and online professional network. It is also an integral part of lead generation and the collection of high-quality consumer data. Use the above tips to improve your lead generation strategies for your financial services.