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Emirates Branded Content Marketing

Emirates Branded Content Marketing

Emirates Airline sponsors the official men’s tennis rankings on the ATP World Tour. We’re transforming the way Emirates uses the ATP’s highly engaging content to promote the brand on a wide range of sites including national newspapers and sports sites.

Marketing channel

  • Google Display Network


Changes in the Emirates-sponsored top 10 ATP tennis rankings are popular news. We built ad campaigns around news involving significant changes in the ATP men’s tennis rankings, driving traffic from tennis specific and general sports news sites to the branded content. The strategy was to identify opportunities to promote the brand on very high traffic sites, generating millions of impressions in just a day or two for a very low CPM.

When Novak Djokovic clinched the title for the year-end top seed position (number 1), this presented the perfect opportunity for promotion of branded content. Not only was the news picked up organically by a number of media outlets but it also got a massive boost in visibility through an intelligently targeted rapid-scale campaign deployed immediately after the official year-end ranking announcement.


  • 80 million impressions delivered in one weekend
  • Average CPM reduction greater than 50%