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Microsoft recently conducted a study in conjunction with MEC to study the behaviour of the pre-family man in the Asia-Pacific region, in order to ascertain how they respond to different digital devices.

The study was conducted across a sample of over 4,200 people in 6 countries across the Asia-Pacific region. The countries were Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Pre-family men are an important user base because they have good amount of purchasing power as well as influence and they are also quite knowledgeable about technological developments. This demographic in the market is also on the rise as the average age at which a man marries is on the rise.

Targeting this audience when marketing and advertising online requires an understanding of how these men think and what their preferences are with regards to the use of different gadgets such as laptops, PCs, smartphones etc. It is also necessary to know what content they are most likely to access and how and when that may be.

It was found that these men are most likely to use laptops (40%) and PCs (35%) for social networking, as also for important emails and business transactions. On the other hand, the mobile phone is used only 20% of the time for such activity.

In contrast, when this demographic play games, they are about twice as likely to make use of smartphones and desktop browsers (56%). Home consoles and portable game consoles are used only 35% and 33% respectively for gaming. Price and social connectivity are the likely reasons for this.

Uunmarried men in the region browse through information regarding news, entertainment and people most frequently.