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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword right now in the marketing industry. Businesses can benefit greatly from AI in just about every aspect of their marketing, but the awareness, availability, pricing, and ease of implementation of such solutions leaves most people confounded. We’ve compiled a list of 6 useful AI tools that your business can start using right now:

Bid Strategies

Bid strategies are one of the simplest ways to implement automation and AI into your marketing strategy. Automated bid strategies can be applied to your social ads (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), as well as your Google ads.

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Essentially, you let the algorithm determine which position and placement your ads should aim for to achieve the specified targets within your budget. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can optimise for ROAS (return on ad spend), or CPA (cost per acquisition). Automated bidding will allow you to achieve your target ROAS/CPA without having to adjust manually bids frequently and in much detail conversion volume.

The takeaway: Bid strategies are beneficial for a business trying to use machine learning technology to enhance the success of their campaign by taking advantage of sophisticated data-driven algorithms.

LinkedIn Content Suggestions

Content Suggestions allow LinkedIn admins to discover and share content that their community is engaging with. The feature creates an easy way for social media marketers to share engaging content quickly, if they cannot produce their own content at scale.

LinkedIn identifies trending posts related to the specified industry and offers these topics for easy sharing on the page. You can filter the content by location or type of content to find relevant posts that will engage your audience the most. Using suggested content can also help increase the page visibility, which is never a bad thing. The more you share; the better the tool will learn, and suggest more content similar to previous successful posts.

The takeaway: Using LinkedIn Content Suggestions is a good way to earn more engagement on your page and reduces the burden of content creation for social media teams.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic advertising, in the form of Dynamic Creative on Facebook, or DSA (Dynamic Search Ads) on Google can be used by all types of businesses to scale their creative and targeting rapidly. They are especially useful for e-commerce and travel companies with several products on offer.

On search, advertisers can provide multiple headlines and descriptions, and let the Google Ads algorithm mix and match the various combinations to see which performs best. On Facebook, dynamic options such as Catalogue Ads, can help to remarket efficiently by using the exact product image and page a user looked at previously. Dynamic ads can be a simple and effective way to test out multiple creative options without having to spend a lot of money.

The takeaway: Use dynamic ads to rapidly test and deploy high performing creative to get better results from your ads with minimal effort and spend.

Messenger Bots

Messenger bots are becoming increasingly popular for e-commerce businesses and b2b websites alike. The bots are used for front-of-the-line customer support and process voice or text to understand what the page visitor needs assistance with. Because they’re easy to use, messenger bots are usually well-received by customers – as long as they work. If the messenger bot is “annoying” or provides incorrect information, they can create a negative brand perception in customers’ minds.

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The takeaway: Messenger bots are great for businesses to implement, so that fewer human resources can be spent on support, and customers can get the answers they need faster.

AccuraCast’s AI Solutions

Some of our clients already benefit from custom AI solutions, which we have created to meet specific business needs. We are constantly working on developing intelligent and innovative ways to meet the needs of today’s marketers.

Our new marketing AI platform enables users to unite their business performance from different channels (such as Facebook, Google Ads, and LinkedIn), on one platform and manage campaigns seamlessly across these platforms. This allows the marketer to make data-driven decisions cross-channel, and visualise where budgets can be used for the best results.

The takeaway: AccuraCast work with several best-in-class AI developers to identify and create solutions that perfectly fit our client’s requirements, making their campaigns more effective. Find out more about our own marketing AI solution, which is currently available in a very limited alpha.

Email Automation

Email automation is commonly used and the better tools on the market already use machine learning and AI to improve delivery. Tools from Act-On, Salesforce’s Pardot, and SharpSpring provide brands with the opportunity to send automated emails en-masse without removing the personal elements.

For example, if a contact on an email list only checks their inbox at 8:00am, Act-On’s intelligent systems will note this and only send them emails at that time, unless instructed otherwise. This increases the chances of the individual opening the email, and, also creates a more personal relationship. Other platforms use site and even social behaviour tracking to trigger email actions.

The takeaway: Email automation is an effective and relatively simple way to start advancing your business processes with AI technology.