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Social Networking Very Popular On Mobiles

By May 24, 2011July 30th, 2023No Comments

While mobile devices are being used more and more frequently to access the Internet, they are being used most commonly to access social networks and other services that allow users to remain in touch with friends and family.

This has been confirmed by the recently released Opera State of The Mobile Web report.

Accessing various social networking sites has become the most popular function on mobile phones. The network being commonly used varies depending on the location. While Facebook is definitely the most popular social site in the Western world, vKontakte is extremely popular in Russia and the surrounding region.

It has come to light that 77% of the users in Indonesia and the Philippines visit Facebook regularly on their mobiles. In this region alone, more than 400,000 Facebook users make use of Opera software to access social networks.

Those who use mobile devices to access social networks were also found to do so quite frequently, according to the page view statistics of the report.

Use of mobile handsets for social networking is expected to continue growing. It was found that between March 2011 and April 2011 the number of users of the Opera Mini Browser has grown by 4.6% to 107.1 million.