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Tracking Call Metrics On AdWords

By November 4, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

Ad agencies have long believed that AdWords not only helps drive online sales, but also sales and lead generation over the phone. Google has finally released a feature that will help advertising agencies  to prove this.

The new feature, called AdWords Call Metrics, is a combination of Google Voice and AdWords. At its core, the service is an integrated call tracking facility for AdWords campaigns.

With this feature, a unique telephone number is assigned to each online ad campaign targeting desktop computers as well as on smartphone devices. Ads will be displayed along with this telephone number.

Adwords Call Ad - number AdWords ad with Call Metrics number

When users calls on that telephone number, they are automatically transferred to the advertiser’s business and the call is recorded by AdWords.

During the initial beta testing of this feature, advertisers found that they could track a significant percentage of calls that translated into a purchase, which would otherwise not have been attributed to sales originating through AdWords ads.

At present, the AdWords records of these calls will only provide the number of calls received and the duration of these calls. The caller’s area code will also start being reporting in due course of time. These details will help advertisers further optimise their ad campaigns with a more accurate measure of ROI.

AdWords Call Metrics
AdWords- reporting Call Metrics for campaigns

At present this call metrics feature will be free, but in future, it will be chargeable. The exact extent of benefit of this feature to the advertiser can be judged only after the charges for this feature have been finalised.

Although this call tracking service has only just been introduced by Google, similar facilities are already available through a number of other companies.

AdWords Call Metrics is currently available only to a few advertisers in the U.S. and it will be some months before it is available to all advertisers.