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TikTokers For Work & Entertainment

Here’s a collection of fun, educational, and insightful TikTok accounts that you can follow to get you started with – or get more out of – the hottest social network. With nearly 1 billion monthly active users globally, TikTok is bigger than LinkedIn (310 million) and Twitter (206 million) combined! And in case you’re thinking TikTok is just for kids, stats from the past two quarters show that people aged 20-29 and 30-39 are the fastest growing demographic on the app.

These TikTokers are sure to keep you entertained all summer:

Brand Inspiration

  • Spikeball – “if volleyball and Foursquare had a baby”
  • Chipotle – restaurant chain, “Less Tok, more guac”
  • Fortnite – community engagement, “always thanking the bus driver”
  • NBA – all the stars of basketball, #ThatsGame

Fun & Entertainment

  • San Diego Zoo – for animal lovers, with a lot of gratuitous cuteness
  • On The Tools – guaranteed laughs, tradies unleashed
  • Zach King – really cool video special effects
  • Ryan Hall – weatherman turned TikTok newsreader

Business & Marketing

  • Washington Post – WaPo news, in an informal tone
  • Our Future HQ – whacky stories about business leaders, not all confirmed
  • Time – the magazine, but with short snippets of interesting tidbits
  • Planet Money – Money Saving Expert for the TikTok generation
  • AdWeek – weekly recap of interesting and amusing news from ad land
  • Girls in Marketing – community of inspiring women in marketing

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