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Customised Automation Unlocks Higher ROI

Google and Facebook have made great advancements in campaign automation. LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter do fairly well too. But the problem with on-platform automation is that all advertisers have access to it.

Custom automation allows advertisers to build audiences, rules, and creative programmatically, using data that is only available to them.

Most of the major ad platforms have APIs that are available to all advertisers and developers. Using these APIs, we can craft logic to design personalised creative or build custom audiences based on CRM data. Here are some examples of custom automation:

  • A financial services firm automates ad delivery based on quote requests received so that all queries can be responded to within 24 hours and no single sales person get more queries than they can handle.
  • Sports merchandising brand automates ad creative at scale, matching fan interests and the teams they support to create deeper personalisation.
  • E-commerce brand automates promotions to build dynamic custom audiences and lookalikes based on CRM data for online and offline purchases.

How you can work with Marketing APIs