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You Will Lose Data If You Wait Till 1 July 2023

Google has officially announced that Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits and will permanently shut down on the 1st of July, 2023. Businesses must upgrade to GA4 before then.

Since it’s a whole new Analytics property, GA4 does not carry over Universal Analytics (UA) historical data, which means businesses who leave this till the last minute will lose all historical information. It is crucial to upgrade now, so that you start collecting data immediately, giving yourself the maximum amount of time possible to have both Universal Analytics and GA4 data.

We’re offering special GA4 migration packages and training exclusively for our newsletter subscribers. Guideline prices for these packages are:

  • GA4 migration & full setup – from £800
  • Google Ads conversion tracking server-side – from £800
  • Enhanced conversions tracking – from £1,200

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