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Gen Z – Your Most Important Customers

This year, people under 25 will make up 41% of the world’s population. As marketeers cannot afford to ignore youth, as they determine the future of our brands. We’ve compiled some interesting stats to help you better engage this demographic:


of US Gen Z-ers plan to become entrepreneurs


of European Gen Z-ers use Instagram at least weekly


of European Gen Z-ers use Instagram to communicate via Direct Messaging


more UK Gen Z-ers self-identify as introverts than extroverts


of US Gen Z-ers say they’ve used a messaging app to contact a business, with 15% completing a purchase via messaging


of Gen Z-ers believe it’s important that the job they do is inspiring


of French Gen Z-ers would now consider shopping locally to support small businesses, more so than supporting sustainable products (42%).


of UK Gen Z-ers have shown more interest in activism and social causes since the COVID-19 outbreak, compared to 52% in Germany and 56% in Sweden


of Gen Z-ers say they’re in favour of ads that show how brands are responding to the pandemic or helping customers.

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