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The Results of Our Marketing Reports Survey Are In…

Last month we asked our clients, followers, colleagues and newsletter subscribers to tell us what their ideal digital marketing reports would look like. Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with us.

The results of the survey are now in and they might surprise you…

Most businesses want to get weekly reports

How frequently would you like your digital agency to send you reports?

Advertisers want to see an equal mix of graphs and numbers

Do you prefer to see numerical data or graphs?

Explanations of the stats and progress are needed

What sort of additional information would you like to see accompanying the data?

AdWords reports should identify issues and how the agency fixed them

Considering just your search advertising campaigns (e.g. Google AdWords), what data would you like to see reported

SEO reports must focus on organic traffic stats

Considering just SEO, what data would you like to see in your reports

We took your feedback very seriously and some of you have probably already started seeing changes in the way we report on AdWords and Organic search. But our work doesn’t end here. We want to establish minimum reporting standards throughout the industry and are starting to share our findings with a number of other agencies as well as Google.

You can help by simply sharing these results with your colleagues and other marketing specialists you work with.

Let’s raise the standard of digital marketing reports throughout the industry!