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Social Media Marketing For Finance & Insurance

Drive real value from social interactions. Our social media marketing services nurture meaningful connections with your customers. Grow your reach and credibility with beautifully curated content that attracts engagement, and converts visitors into qualified leads and sales.

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Finance & insurance brands we work with

Social media advertising for the banking and insurance industries include identifying the appropriate audience, budgeting efficiently, and using the appropriate assets to establish credibility and confidence

While social media marketing should be a component of any banking or insurance company’s outreach strategy, it also requires a higher level of attention than other unregulated businesses.

As a critical channel for establishing credibility, this can be accomplished through strategically placed video, imagery, endorsements, and testimonials from previous customers, so developing the necessary trust and emotional attachment to generate qualified leads and sales.

Leverage our unparalleled experience to ensure that you are making the most of social media’s opportunities and reach.


We'll establish the social reputation and confidence necessary to quickly convert your customers

Social media is important in the sometimes long and complicated journey to conversion in the banking and insurance industries, but making sure your brand and messaging is on point and visible at the correct time will develop credibility and confidence in your brand or service.

We understand this and have extensive expertise managing social platforms for our regulated clients, where messaging and advertisements are closely monitored and trust is critical to success.

With our expertise, you can connect with the right people and establish your credibility

Knowing your customer (KYC) is a critical consideration for the finance and insurance industries; social media platforms enable you to hyper-target your audiences with relevant messages and content such as accreditations, case studies, and testimonials, all of which are required to build the trust required to drive more sales.

We’ll help you stand out from the crowd, target the correct audience, and establish the reputation and trust required to generate quality leads and sales.

I started working with AccuraCast in April 2018, before working with them I had worked with many other agencies, lots were over priced and all of them didn’t deliver much at all, the first thing I noticed was that they are far more proactive than the other agencies, they really think about the campaign and how the customers sees it, even 2 year on they still make suggestions all the time! They also have gone out of their way to work with my somewhat awkward timings, I would recommend them to anyone and I now use them for multiple campaigns across multiple sectors.

Jamie Mirchandani - One Life

We'll help you to reach your business goals with meaningful engagement

Due to the nature of social media platforms, it is notoriously difficult to quantify the direct impact, even more so in the finance and insurance industries, given the potential for lengthy lead to conversion consideration periods.

We understand what it takes to deliver the appropriate engagements for our regulated customers, guiding them through the consideration cycles with the right messaging to the right audience, driving qualified leads, increased credibility, and direct sales.

We'll optimise your social media budget in high engagement, low conversion conditions

As is the case with other marketing channels in the banking and insurance industries, the costs associated with reaching your customers via social media can be significantly greater and rapidly spiral out of control without experienced management.

We have extensive experience managing social media platforms and tactics for a variety of our clients, particularly those in regulated industries, and we have the expertise to ensure that your social media campaigns are managed efficiently to achieve the greatest results without wasting your budget.

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