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How to generate qualified leads for your business on Facebook

Social media is considered to be a daunting channel for many marketers who understand the value of raising their brand profile among millions of users but worry about the uncontrolled nature of the medium. Social campaigns are notorious among search marketing professionals for their cost and comparatively lower return on investment.

Recently launched advertising products from Facebook have transformed the network from a purely branding opportunity to a viable channel for lead generation.

Not only is lead generation on Facebook possible, but it can also be a lot more cost-effective than search and email. Facebook allows businesses to target their audience based on a wide range of demographics, interests, affiliations and behaviours.

In this whitepaper we outline two options advertisers have to generate leads from Facebook, and suggest three tips to achieve better results:

Option 1: Driving Prospects To Your Website

Traditional lead generation methods have been available on Facebook since the launch of advertising on the network. You can set up a campaign to either “Send people to your website” or, if you have added a Facebook conversion pixel on your site, to “Increase conversions on your website”.

Setting the objective to increase conversions works better, so long as you have added the tracking pixel to the page users see after submitting an inquiry form on the site. Few things to keep in mind with this option:

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How to generate qualified leads for your business on Facebook

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