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NFC Payments To Grow In Popularity

A recent report from Juniper Research has focused on the growth potential of NFC payments and retail marketing. According to the report NFC mobile payments are growing more popular and are likely to reach $180 billion by 2017. Read more →

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Facebook Test New Form of Advertising

Facebook adverts are key to the majority of social media campaigns, however as they become more popular newsfeeds are likely to become more cluttered and less effective. Read more →

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Mobile Search And Discovery To Touch $15 Billion By 2017

Juniper Research has released their report on the future of Mobile Search and Discovery. The findings of the report suggest that the future for this sector is bright. Read more →

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U.K. Cycle Maps By Google

Google has just launched a ‘Cycle Maps’ service for U.K. Read more →

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How Useful Are Facebook ‘Likes’?

The BBC recently conducted an investigation, the findings of which suggest that ‘Like’s on Facebook do not generate any substantial benefit to advertisers. Read more →

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Smart Wireless Accessory Market On The Rise

A recent report from Juniper Research has shown that the market for smart wireless accessories is on the rise. Read more →

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Do Facebook And Twitter Cause Anxiety?

Social networks have been gaining increasing importance in ones daily life, and if a recent report is to be believed, it is not all for the better. Read more →

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Record Mobile & Social Interaction Expected At Olympics

As mentioned in the article discussing Twitter usage during the UEFA European Championships that took place in June, social media usage and sporting events now go hand in hand. Read more →

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Google Decision Upsets Users

Google has recently decided to shut down several of their products. This decision has not gone down too well with their users. Read more →

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Google To Discontinue Several Products

Google has just announced that they will be discontinuing several of their products in due course of time. Read more →

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In-App Mobile Ad Spend To Cross $7 Billion By 2015

Juniper Research has released a report on the state of In-App mobile ad spending. According to this report advertisers will be spending $7.1 billion on In-app mobile advertising by the year 2015. Read more →

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Facebook To Develop A ‘Want’ Button?

Facebook has gradually been worming its way into all aspects of the lives of its users. It now seems that they also want to know what their users ‘want’ or desire. Read more →

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Twitter activity during Euro 2012

One of the most appealing aspects of Twitter is the ability for real-time interaction and this often leads to an increased volume of tweets during TV shows, concerts and most commonly sporting events. Read more →

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Google TV Set To Launch In U.K.

Google TV which has been available in the U.S since 2010 is now set to make a foray into the U.K. Read more →

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Stolen Passwords Cause Grief For LinkedIn

Social networking site LinkedIn is facing a lawsuit for $5 million due to a security breach that caused passwords of over 6 million users to be stolen.

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Mobile Adult Revenues To Grow

A new study conducted by Juniper Research shows that the consumption of mobile adult content is set to grow and in turn the revenue generated through it will also increase.

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Smart Homes To Generate More Revenue

A recent report by Juniper Research suggests that the ‘Smart Home’ market is all set to grow in the near future. Read more →

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Facebook Mobile Ads Are A Big Success (So Far)

The ‘Sponsored Stories’ ad format that Facebook introduced recently, for their mobile section seems to be the answer to their prayers. Read more →

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Microsoft Launches ‘Surface’

Microsoft has just launched a tablet called ‘Surface’. The launch was announced yesterday, by CEO Steve Ballmer at a press conference in Los Angeles. Read more →

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How Effective Are Facebook Ads?

Recently released reports seem to suggest that ads on Facebook are not really very effective for the advertisers. In other words, the Return on Investment is not as good as expected.

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