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BBC given warning for unnatural links

Considering the credibility that the BBC holds when it comes to news stories and current affair, it is no surprise that thousands of websites link to their articles and attempt to gain a small piece of this credibility. However it would appear that Google are surprised by this, with their algorithm failing to take these factors into account. Read more →

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The Mobile Revolution Rages On

As we have mentioned numerous times, the power of smartphones is growing and with it the potential for mobile advertising is also increasing. A recent report revealed that 47% of Western European residents use their mobile for entertainment services and a staggering 65% of smartphone owners now browse internet content on their device. Read more →

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Do Social Networks Really Enrich Our Lives?

A recent study has revealed that social networks fail to enrich our lives, with the majority of posts being general updates on daily life and used in the promotion of products and services.

Social media usage has grown rapidly in recent years and now accounts for 18% of the time that we spend online. On average we use social networks for 6.9 hours each month and this is more than we have ever done in the past, so this begs the question of how much do social networks actually enrich our lives?

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Last Minute PPC for Valentine’s Day

If you have yet to make any PPC plans for this Valentines Day then fear not, as there are millions of men, and even women, out there who are equally as unprepared. Although this may seem like a lot of effort at this late stage, Google have predicted that Valentine’s Day sales will reach a whopping $18.6 billion and a fair amount of this will be spent over the next few days. Therefore it is time to act and develop your last minute PPC campaign!  Read more →

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Is the Internet Bored of Lady Gaga?

When Lady Gaga first hit the headlines in 2008 she was a welcome breath of fresh air, describing herself as both a “retrosexual” and “exhibitionist singer-songwriter” in one of her early interviews. Her allure came from her unique style, which included bright make up, daring outfits and crazy accessories and her brand of catchy electro-influenced, synthesised songs.

However it would seem that Lady Gaga’s popularity has been falling recently, as her latest album has sold 4 million less copies than her début and internet search trends support this.

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Mobile Marketing Spend To Surpass $55 billion

Our ever growing reliance on smartphones and the rising capabilities of the most recently released handsets have enabled marketers to offer more sophisticated mobile ads, apps and websites. Having the appropriate mobile ads and fully optimised mobile site or app in place is key, as consumers now have the ability to purchase any time, anywhere and expect businesses to cater to this.  Read more →

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Be Imaginative In Your Remarketing

If your initial PPC efforts have failed to lead to a conversion, then remarketing gives you the opportunity for redemption and you should certainly use this chance wisely. If you choose to simply offer a standard remarketing ad to all those who have visited your site within the past 30 days, then you are making a huge mistake. Read more →

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Mobile Banking Will Continue To Grow

A decade or so ago, the concept of banking via your phone would have seemed quite alien and many would have been reluctant to share such information via their handset. However data security has risen, alongside the rapid growth in the number of, popularity and quality of  mobile phones.

Mobile Banking 2017

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Could Mobile Apps Finally Make 2013 The Year Of Mobile?

At the turn of each new year, one of the key predictions for the coming year is that it will finally be the year that mobile ads take off. Unsurprisingly it is once again predicted to be one of this years huge trends, but 2013 could be the last year that we write these predictions off. Below are some reasons why it may finally be time to create a killer mobile ad strategy! Read more →

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Last Minute Christmas Campaigns

We’ve all been there, it’s Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and we’ve forgot to get a present for a friend or family member. The shops are closed and at this point we are forced to go online, searching for a Christmas gift that won’t have to be shipped. This Christmas is my first in digital marketing and this time around I have a different perspective on last minute shopping Read more →

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Which Websites Are Most Popular In Your Nation?

For their December report on the State Of The Web, Opera have undertaken research into which sites are most popular on mobile in nations across Europe. Using their findings, they have compiled a list of the top 10 local domains visited from mobiles in each country and the results are quite interesting. Unsurprisingly, news sites are the most popular and make an appearance in the top 10 of every country in the study. Read more →

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Why Infographics Should Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy

Infographics have been a bone of contention for some time and many SEO’s will tell you that using images in the place of text is not the best link building practice, with the common cause for this being scepticism regarding the ability of infographics to garner valuable links. However infographics can be of real benefit to your SEO efforts and you should certainly consider incorporating them into your campaign, where appropriate. Presenting key data in a visually stimulating and easy to interpret format can convey your message for quicker and lead to greater sharing, compared to lengthy text articles containing the same statistics. So the real question is how you can create a successful infographic, akin to the one pictured below. Read more →

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Defective And Malicious Apps Pose A Serious Threat

The success of mobile apps has soared in recent years, largely as a result of the advent of the smartphone and the equally meteoric rise of the iPhone. The phrase “there’s an app for that” has become a common phrase in our everyday vocabulary and is today more likely to be said than “there’s a website that can…” and this is reinforced by the fact that mobile apps now have penetration rates of more than 50% in many developed markets. Read more →

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The Content Marketing Show

Content Marketing ShowYesterday 3 of the AccuraCast team, including myself, were lucky enough to attend the first ever Content Marketing Show, held in Holborn’s historic Conway Hall. Read more →

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New Google Shopping Features To Improve Customer Experience

Online shopping has meant that defecting from one brand to one of their competitors has never been easier, as finding another retailer can occur in a matter of seconds and in just a few simple clicks. Therefore the reputation and perception of your brand has never been more important and this is where customer reviews become key. Read more →

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The Value of Wearable Devices Will Soar

According to a recent study from Juniper Research, the next generation of wearable devices will cause the value of the sector to rise rapidly and reach $1.5 billion within the next 2 years. The report, entitled “Smart Wearable Devices: Fitness, Healthcare, Entertainment & Enterprise”, defines a wearable device as “a device which accepts input and processes that input and while being used, is worn on or otherwise attached to the body”. Read more →

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Google AdWords Call Tracking To Improve Campaign Success

Every marketer knows that their digital efforts are not simply driving online conversions, but that they are a key driver of a considerable proportion of offline transactions. Read more →

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Creating An Effective Plan For Your Affiliate Program This Christmas

The holiday season is officially upon us, with many consumers beginning their quest for the perfect Christmas gift and some have already made their first gift purchases. With this mind, it is extremely important that retail brands begin creating and implementing their Christmas plans and really many should have already taken this step, considering that their target audiences have commenced their festive shopping. Read more →

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How Brands Can Harness The Power Of Social Media

A recent study by comScore and Facebook has given insight into how brands can use social networks to connect with and influence consumers, using the case studies of a number of retail brands and their marketing efforts on the social networking site. Read more →

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Mobile Roaming Revenues Surpass $80 Billion In Next 5 Years

Mobile service providers will see mobile roaming revenues soar over the next 5 years, according to a recent study by Juniper Research on the future of mobile roaming and usage. An increase in mobile data usage abroad and a reduction in roaming charges will see revenue rise from $46 billion this year, to a staggering $80 billion in 2017 and this will mean that mobile roaming will account for around 8% of total revenue for the majority of operators. Read more →

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