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This summer, we focused our research and growth initiatives on the sports industry. So it’s only fitting that we dedicate this month’s newsletter to all the exciting sports-related work we have done and events that are coming up…

[Event] The Future of Sports Marketing 
3rd October – Lord’s Tavern

If you work in the Sports industry, our Sports Marketing event at the Lord’s Tavern (Lord’s Cricket Ground) on October 3rd at 3:30pm promises to be awesome!

We have a great line up of speakers, including our MD Farhad Divecha, Luke Rees (Head of Digital), Ash Jones (Founder of Great Influence) and Ben Jacobs (Sports Consultant at Seven League).

We cover the future of sports marketing, how to ensure your online presence makes an impact, and how to turn your analytical data into actions that enhance your campaigns. 

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Online Multichannel Marketing Guide for Sports

Each campaign requires a specific approach, depending on the objective you are trying to achieve. The channels used, resources allocated, and customer journeys to conversion will vary from one sport to another. 

That is why we created a strategic guide that outlines the 4 most popular acquisition activities in the sports industry, linking them to the marketing channels most likely to help your brand get that conversion.

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Case Study: Wimbledon Rematch Live Launch

What’s the best way to launch a brand new event, the likes of which had never been seen before? Find out how we scored an ace with Wimbledon Rematch Live.

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Sports Fans Changing Sports Content Consumption – UK Survey

As marketers for a number of leading sports brands, we often ask ourselves – where does our target audience spend their time? We surveyed 1,127 UK respondents, to find out where sports fans go to digest sports content, and here is what we found  

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