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A study by Meta examined 57 ‘levers’, to identify what’s most likely to improve media effectiveness. Advertisers see a 35%–80% effectiveness improvement, on average, by optimizing their Meta campaigns for just four key levers:

  • Creative
  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • Reach

The fight for the attention of online consumers is growing increasingly tougher, as more organisations invest in digital marketing. Advertisers still need to put in a lot of effort to attract an audience and turn them into consumers, even after investing in developing fantastic websites with the most frictionless path to conversion. Consequently, optimising advertising efforts is essential to the success of a digital strategy.

New research by Nielsen and Meta, studied ad campaign optimisations that generated the greatest performance benefits for US consumer packaged goods brands. The study found marketers can enhance the efficiency of their ads by 35% to 80% by concentrating on the four critical factors: creative, frequency, duration, and reach. Furthermore, by managing the changes in that specific order, marketers may be able to optimise results much more effectively.

  1. Creative: Ad creative execution is the most significantly connected with better performance on Meta. The study revealed that campaigns with high-quality creative produced 35% greater effectiveness.
  2. Frequency: Aiming for a frequency of 2.25 ad impressions on average per week produces the best effects. The exact amount of ad exposure, however, is dependent on the advertiser and campaign, therefore testing to discover the ideal and maximum frequency is critical.
  3. Duration: According to the study, campaigns that ran for 50 weeks were 65% more successful than those that ran for 10 weeks. The longer a campaign can continue to successfully engage its target demographic, the more effectively will it provide returns for the marketer.
  4. Reach: The fourth most significant lever related to improved effectiveness is reach. Campaigns reaching 15% of the U.S. population achieved 35% better effectiveness than campaigns reaching just 1% of the U.S. population.  The greatest effectiveness improvements were found between 5-10% of the target population.

In conclusion, even in the highly competitive business world of today, you may still beat your competitors and attract customers who will purchase your products by investing your time and resources strategically, focusing on these 4 levers, which are most likely to drive results.