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Improve Facebook Lead Quality

For advertisers that generate hundreds of leads each month, receiving low quality leads from Facebook is not only a marketing issue but also a drain on resources.

Conversion Leads Optimization – a relatively new feature by Facebook – allows advertisers to optimise leads for quality (rather than volume). Today, leads are sent from Facebook to an advertiser’s CRM or are made available for download in a spreadsheet format. The new integration sends an advertiser’s CRM data back to Facebook to train a new leads quality model. This gives Facebook visibility into lower-funnel actions, to determine the success of each lead and optimise for lead quality.

There are two ways to use delivery optimisation for lead ads:

  • Integrate CRM via CAPI
    This is the recommended method for all advertisers, especially those generating more than 500 leads per month.
  • Select ‘Conversion Leads’ optimisation in Ads Manager

Advertisers can specify the lead stage they want to optimise for. In other words, you can tell Facebook which leads are “high quality” and which ones are “junk”. Armed with this knowledge, the algorithm can identify similar users who are more likely to turn into high quality leads.

Early tests for Lead Ads using Conversion Leads optimisation showed a 20% average increase in lead to sale conversion rates, and 42% of the time these campaigns delivered lower costs per qualified lead, compared to existing optimisation.

CRM integration for this new feature uses Facebook’s Conversions API. Even if your CRM is currently integrated with Facebook to receive leads, that’s not sufficient – you will need to connect your CRM to also send information back to Facebook.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner specifically qualified for Technical Services we can help you integrate your CRM connection to CAPI.

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