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Customer Matching for Google Ads

As privacy restrictions increase, the number of observable conversions that Google can tie directly to ads using traditional tracking will continue to decrease over the coming months, increasing their reliance on modelling data.

The more Google relies on conversion modelling and data-driven attribution rather than actual conversion data, the greater the risk of inaccurate ad performance reporting. Enhanced Conversions allow Google to get more accurate data for advertisers.

Enhanced Conversions enables you to augment your first-party data from Google Ads. Much like Facebook’s Advanced Matching and Conversions API, the new feature from Google allows advertisers to capture hashed customer data – such as email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses – collected on their conversion pages, and then matches it against Google logged-in data.

Here is how it works:

How Enhanced Conversions works

The feature is available in beta to Search and YouTube advertisers in non-sensitive categories with conversion tracking tags i.e. global site tag or Google Tag Manager and direct access to customer data. It can be implemented via Google Tag Manager, manually with JavaScript, or via the Google Ads API.

Early testing by Google shows that advertisers recovered a 5% media increase in reported conversion rates on Search and 12% on YouTube.

We strongly recommend all Google advertisers invest in this new feature within the next few months, as it will have a significant impact on ad performance.

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