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Google Ads Server-Side Conversion Tracking

How Google plans to maintain conversion tracking post-iOS 14.5 and after Chrome blocks third-party cookies by default has been a matter of much speculation. A new feature release on Google Tag Manager gives us a clue…

A server side conversion tracking solution for Google Ads was released on Google Tag Manager recently. This will allow advertisers to track conversions from search and display ads even when cookies and mobile device ID tracking is disabled.

What this means for you:

  • You now have an option to future-proof your search marketing, just as you (hopefully) have done for your Facebook marketing.
  • While Google haven’t officially said how they plan to tackle cookieless ad performance tracking, this method is likely to be more tightly integrated into Google Ads over time.
  • Setting up a Google Tag Manager server container and tracking conversions in parallel to your existing setup will allow you to test CPA & ROAS accuracy.

Setup Google Ads Server Side Conversion Tracking