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Don’t miss this chance to reconnect with customers

You don’t need to be a costume shop or candy retailer to profit from Halloween. As the popularity of the occasion grows outside of North America, it presents opportunities for businesses in all sectors – B2B and B2C – to have a bit of fun, reconnect with customers, and grow revenues.

Here are 5 tips for businesses that don’t traditionally profit directly from the celebrations on All Hallows’ Eve:

  1. Brand-relevant costumes
    Establish a theme that includes your brand identity, decorate your brand signage in your business locations, and encourage visitors and employees to photograph and share them.
  2. Jump-start the conversation
    The holiday shopping season starts right after Halloween. It’s also the time when many businesses plan budgets for the next year. Use the occasion to begin conversations with clients.
  3. Celebrate with your team
    Halloween treats, dress-up contests, scary movie screenings, and pumpkin carving lessons are all great ways to bring together teams after a period of working from home.
  4. Show clients your fun side
    A Halloween party could be a fun (and welcome) alternative to Christmas dinners with key clients. Consumers also enjoy seeing their favourite brands celebrate… in fact, many look forward to funny Halloween content from the brands they love.
  5. Use social media trends
    #SpookyGames, #HalloweenCostumes, and #SquidGame are already big trends on Twitter and TikTok. Think of ways your brand can participate and get in front of a whole new audience.

Searches for business-related Halloween queries cross the 2k mark in Europe and 20k volume in the USA this week.

Consumer queries for Halloween are off the charts, with expected volumes in the millions in every country in Western Europe and North America:

  • 129 million searches in USA
  • 23 million searches in UK
  • 3 million searches in France
  • 4 million searches in Germany
  • 2 million searches in Spain
  • 5 million searches in Nordic countries 🎃