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4 Things To Consider Before Investing In AI for Marketing ​ 

AI can help optimise a campaign by increasing the number of sales and or leads a brand receives but is this clever technology right for your business?   We created a guide, to help walk you through, 4 main points that will help you determine if AI is the right step for you.   

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Can You Jump On Social Trends Without Creating A PR Nightmare?

When developing an ad campaign, a marketer’s core aim is to gain as much exposure as possible for the brand, typically by following certain trends in society.  Seems like a great strategy, right?  For some, absolutely. 

With the various risks (and rewards) of following a trend nowadays, how can you ensure your campaign hits the mark? 

We’ve come up with six things to consider when deciding whether to take on a trend in your next ad campaign.

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As requested: Marketing in an Automated World

Our last event on AI in marketing was so popular, we’re hosting it again as requested!  For those that missed the first talk, you can join us on July 3rd in central London. We have a great lineup from industry experts, and all are welcome to participate.

This is a paid event, and tickets are on sale now!  You can purchase tickets here.

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