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Social Media Marketing for Retail

Target new audiences who are eager to hear your message. Let AI open up whole new markets and develop new product ideas. We can help your business get big on social media with a comprehensive, data-driven strategy.

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E-commerce & retail brands we work with

You can do more with your marketing on social media: Find more customers, send a personal message, and stay on top of the latest trends. Here’s how we can help

Your retail business can save huge amounts of time and resource by partnering with the proven experts in social media marketing. We’ve got the relationships, tools, and expertise to establish you in new markets and optimise your existing digital presence.

Fusing data and creative, you can automate the most complicated aspects of your marketing and free yourself to focus on what matters. We’ll help you apply big-picture strategic vision to every last detail of your social media presence. Communicate with confidence and sincerity, even at massive scale.

Ensuring you are engaging on the right channels with the right messages at the right time is the key to harnessing the power of social networks.

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A personal touch for all your customers

Our approach to discovery commerce uses machine learning to connect you with new customers in untapped corners of the internet. Now you can create dynamic ads in multiple languages and currencies, showing the most relevant products to the perfect prospect.

Hyper-personalised campaigns fuse creative, copy, and automated feed optimisation. Your ads’ performance data gets used to refine future campaigns across all major channels. Unlock whole new markets overnight and grow your business faster.

Get the most out of social advertising

If you want to reach millions more customers, we can help you find them. AccuraCast are Facebook Business Partners, offering technical services backed by years of knowledge and experience; we have the technical know-how to squeeze maximum value out of advertising on that mammoth platform.

Optimise your Facebook and Instagram Shops. Automate complex ad functions. Engage audiences with brilliant content. Build a solid body of data to optimise your future plans. Whether you’re driving sales, awareness, or bringing in leads, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

We advertised on Facebook at the start of the year to help improve our online presence. We are pleased with the improvements over the last six months and are confident in the continued development of our marketing campaigns by working with the team at AccuraCast

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Data intelligence keeps you in touch with customers

Data and analytics can help you spot how customer behaviours evolve, but it takes an innovative approach to keep up with the pace of that change. Working with us, your campaigns will engage audiences by speaking their language in the right context.

We’re well-known in the retail sector for our creative use of data. We’ll help you send the right message to capitalise on any opportunities we spot in your marketplace. Using performance data, we’ll target your social campaigns at the right people and optimise the fine details to maximise ROI.

Create a customer journey that’s uniquely yours

Working closely with your internal teams, we help you understand your customers’ end-to-end social media journey. We’ve got access to the right technology that lets us quickly build custom solutions that work for you and your business.

You can even link in offline and CRM conversions and start gathering data to achieve full visibility of your business. We’ll help you stay versatile, adapting to change and sending a consistent message that captures who you are.

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