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Is Search Traffic Not Always The Best?

By September 17, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

According to a report released recently by HubSpot, search is no longer necessarily the best source of traffic for online marketers.

While Google continues to remain the undisputed leader among search engines, HubSpot’s study shows that it is no longer a good idea to concentrate only on marketing through Google, or even through other search engines.

The survey conducted by HubSpot, across 40 of their customers in four industries, has shown that though search is responsible for a lot of the traffic, that traffic does not necessarily convert into leads or sales.

In fact, they found that social media, email and even blogs are very important sources of traffic and sales. Even links coming in from various websites and directories contribute quite significantly to the traffic and leads that a marketer receives.

Quite contrary to the findings of this study conducted by HubSpot, other recent studies have found that while social media alone now accounts for almost 20% of online ad impressions, the number of actual conversions and the influence exerted by a social media presence was substantially lower.